(10 years old)

Velikij Jusjha

Born: 1/8 2003
N S CH Velikij Ilitsch
Jetzina av Fjascho
Ägare: Cecilia Häggström / kennel Velikij

(+1 DK R-CAC)

Se more of this girl growing up !

Bor kvar hos oss....

15 maj 2005 fick Jusjha sin LC-licens!

Stays with us....

15th of May 2005 Jusjha gained her coursing-license!


I just couldn't wait until she was a veteran: 7 years old she was, for the first time as adult, shown at
an SKK-show - the international in Jönköping 21st of June 2010 - and finished as 3rd Best bitch with CAC!

She had only one show in 2011, but some in 2012 and finished the title (9 years old) as BOB
at SKK National show in Tvååker 7/7 2012.

CH Velikij Jusjha (10 years old) BOS, Best Bitch & Veteran at SKK INT Show in Ronneby 2013

Velikij Jusjha (4 years old)

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