The Tuf-Tots cars were made in scale 85-1. Four different models were made: a Citroen DS, a Corvette Stingray, a Dodge Dart and a Mercedes SL.
In the first series, all cars were made as sports models, without roof and fitted with a white driver. The driver later came in other colors. The number on the side of the car was also omitted. In the second series the four cars were made as coupes, without a driver.

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This car had an aerodynamic body like a spacecraft. The technical features stunned everyone. CitroŽn DS was considered to be the car of the future when it was introduced. Here is a later edition without number and with green driver, and another with brown driver.

One of the few American sportscars. Fast and good looking. This model was also painted in orange.


Notice that the cars have numbers on their doors that correspond to the last number in the serial number.

In the first edition the cars had the suffix "sport", which in later editions was changed to "sports".


This is a classic American convertible. Mainly painted in red, but in later editions also issued in burgundy.

The Mercedes 280 SL is a classical beuty! Here you can see it together with one that is missing the supposed number 5. It's from a later edition than the others are. Notice the different shade.


The Citröen DS 19 is special to many car collectors. It's also one of the most wanted of the Tuf-tots range.

Therefor I've decided to give them some extra attention.





The DS 19. Here are three different cars lined up.


  The same three cars from behind.

In the 85-1 scale, there was also a jeep with a trailer. As accessories to the cars, a speedboat on trailer and a caravan were issued.


The speedboat came in various colors. Here is a blue one. It was usually seen together with the Stingray Sport, but also with the Dodge Sport.

The Caravan came in two different colours, as far I know. The mint green shown above seems to be the most common one, but it was also made in a light blue colour.



Later the four original cars were made as coupes, without a driver. The number at the side of the car was also omitted. These models are considered to be a bit rougher than the sports models.

Same car with a closed convertible roof. In my opinion, the DS looks better without a roof. Also made in red.


The all-American sportscar as a coupe. Fast and furious.

Some of these cars were also presented as Zippy Zoomers in later years.


The Dodge with the roof up.

The Mercedes SL is a classical beauty!