1. A Viking Canoe and traditional viking boats and boat building in Östhammar, Sweden
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A Viking Canoe
- for enthusiasts of
Viking lore and good boats.

  A few general specifications and comments:
  • Normal displacement at load water line I've judged to be about 130 kg. (290lbs.)
  • Hull weight approx. 55 kg. Draft 17 cm. (51/2")
  • Nope!  -  it had no sail arrangements and is not advisable but did have both oars and paddles with a loose , movable thwart (bench) in order to compensate for paddle or rowing positions.

  • Could be considered "tender" to the beginner paddler and is intended for in-shore use.
  This viking canoe (the only one found or known of as yet!) is from Årby Gård  - that could be literally translated and pronounced Orby Farm in english, and is located near Rasbo-Kil, just east of Uppsala and north of Stockholm in the heart of eastern Sweden's viking country (ever heard of The Vendel period? see The Viking Times!) and about 45 minutes drive inland (what was once waterways is today fields and cows.) from my home here in Östhammar on the edge of the Baltic archipelago. The boat grave  was accidentally uncovered in modern times - a summer in 1938 - in connection with some drainage pipe installations in the fields there and is dated to the early 900's. The boat having been used for over a hundred years before burial, as the worn marks, repairs and other clues would indicate. 

  A lot of head scratching commenced as to why a obviously prominent person of high standing in the community would be buried without weapons until 1981 (!) when some very astute dude came up with the idea that it could be a woman! Still today some reports only mention this as a possibility  

 This boat also occupies a very interesting place in marine archeological history as it's shape and structure bear a certain influence from another ethnic population, that of the reindeer orientated Laplanders or more properly called Samara or would that be the same tribes? 
building a viking ship

Detail of a
rowing cabe
from Norway. 

Length (loa)=395 Width (beam)= 105 cm.
viking boat building plans
  Little is known about how these groups wandered or mingled before the actual viking period starting about the 500's but obviously they had contact and traded skills and shared in some various cultural activities.  
  Anyway,  an english archeologist named Owain T. P. Roberts re-drew and did an excellent job of building a facsimile boat around 1984. The Museum of National Antiquities/Stockholm (also known as the "Histerical Museum) published a really poorly edited and sadly un-translated (from the german/english and Swedish materials - you have to be able to read  all three languages well in order to make use of the book, idiots!!)  
  After that I had to sneak around the original boat (in 1990) that is displayed at the 'fore mentioned museum in order to get complimentary measurements for my own satisfaction. Academic snobbery still flourishes and is indeed rampant in Sweden as a common boat builder has a very low status within their hierecy. The attitude is entirely different in Denmark, Norway and Finland. Each person that measures a boat finds new stuff and lines, as some of it is guess work. A comparison between the lines from '38 and Owain T.P. Roberts versions make one wonder if they had the same material as a starting out point. My guess work from the point of a experienced boat builder was again a third interpretation though they are closer to Roberts rather than Arbman's from 1938.  
the ┼rby viking boat/canoe
Here's is a real viking boat being built with viking methods! In fact it is the Årby  canoe being built in Birka! More on this project soon!
Ordering the Plans

1. Send a email here.
build a viking boat or large viking ship
2. Send the 20 dollar bill unceremoniously in a cardboarded envelope  - no checks or money orders to:
Gerrie Warner
     159     Ed
     742 91, Östhammar 

3. Notify me immediately of your order by leaving your regular mail address and any other questions or background information concerning your level of experience or intentions......

I will customize the drawings package accordingly.

4. Usually I wait for the money before sending any materials though I enjoy answering  questions and inquiries.

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