So you want to know about me?

My life as G8DOS, G0ATT, SM7FZD and SM6FZD!


I am a licenced radio amateur and was first licenced in England in 1966 as G8DOS and later G0ATT and then in 1966 moved to Malmö in southern Sweden where I obtained a reciprocal licence and the call SM7FZD. In 1981 I moved to Gothenburg and changed my call to SM6FZD. I am now QRT and I have all of the amator radio bits sald for good!!


  • JO57VR - Torslanda near Gothenburg on the Swedish West Coast.

I have been active on:

  • HF mostly 20 meters for chatting


  • HF = FT 847


  • HF HIGH BANDS = ft-300 at 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters


I have been interested in computers ever since I was a young kid.

As I got into my teenage years my lack of income meant that I had to get a computer to the programs on a very tight budget. That's why I had to buy cheap computer parts and put them together myself.

I did some computer training on big computers but small computer I learn myself. I learned in the days before information was freely available on the internet from sites like this one.

Here is a picture of me hard at work at home in Torslanda, Sweden:


Too much time on a computer makes my brain go numb. Doesn't stop me though.

I hope you find the site informative and useful.

Best regards


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