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"Alma-a"...romantic SF


    This introductory part, now read by you, is a completed division of the Alma Epic and a view of my style.  If, for some other reason, you have found this site, please click here for a free reading copy of Alma-a (part 1).

                                      PART 2

   The second part is how I generate a minor amount of income to deal with my writing addiction!

    Alma-a continues with the marriage of Alma and Heh on Earth. His new assignment as Director of the LPU provides trained protectors to assist distant security agencies, which includes technical help promised by the LP. Their family expands with two fine children, Thor and Terra, plus of course, the kinder 3084 generics (robots). Thor has been blessed with special abilities and becomes a well known inventor. Terra discovers the curious mysteries behind the generics.

    In the distant parts of our universe, there lingers a discontent group of displaced and disfranchised soldiers which were separated during their repatriation after the CORP-Frak wars.  They had been captured and stored on the dim planets. The LP loan their highly versitile bubble ships to the LPU to help solve those problems and all of that new technology should have quelled the disruptions. But, as is the usual problem, there is never enough time, and the same happens...things get out of hand. A local revolt causes a change in thinking of the LP management and nearly puts the Earth's LPU out of business.

    At that point, a much greater disaster hits. Humanity is kicked in the teeth by the emerging generics. Those robots are reproducing under their own initiative with deadly upgrades and the Silicon Kingdom is well established before anyone finds out.

  Heh and most of his family do everything they can to prevent the inevitable, but again it is just too late...they must run for their lives!

    "Alma-a" (Part 2) is even more exciting, romantic science fiction and will leave you gasping in your race to the end.

   The 'rest' of the story, including the initial part (Part 1), can be found in a variety of different formats by clicking on the following link:


"Helen's Saga"....bronze-age romantic fiction

Helen's brains and beauty pass a needed legacy to our times.

      Her city fought for its existence but lost. In its flames, her friend and husband, Paris, laid dead and her dreams shattered. But, the gods had willed that Helen must attend the raw wounds of her first husband, Menelaus, King of Sparta. He was a relentless enemy of her city, Troy, and another causality of the battle. The King used guile to gain entry...past the unpassable walls but was unlucky when he emerged from the wooden horse.

   She arrests her fears and heartbreak then patiently takes a new look at her once scorned Spartan King. He truly loves her and because of that love she changes her destiny.

    Not long after King Menelaus is able, they leave Egypt and return to Sparta but must be on the move again. As new possibilities emerge, Helen, becomes an educator, doctor, and finally a monarch in a new land. Her handling of responsibilities out-shines her radiant beauty, and she establishes a model empire that is rivalled only by the major powers of the old world. Even voyages into the unknown and indian gold play into this epic adventure, a story relating to the last of her exciting years.
   Did Helen give us the true meaning of the word “civilization”...

                                                ...perhaps you will get to find out?

“Helen's Saga” is romantic fiction based on several historical clues and written in a classical-like format. 

The story can be yours to read in a variety of different formats if you click on the following link:


"Alma-b"...more romantic SF

It was the war of all wars, fought in heaven between the gods
 of weapons, where even angelic like beings were struck down.


    Alma-b is a continuation of Alma-a. This story tells of Alma-b’s capture during a cadet rebellion and her relocation to a desolate planet a great distance from her home…but with new friends she makes good her escape. Alma-b is also a generic (robotic) but with a better personality than others.

      Her exciting travels take her to the gates of the LP Realm (a parallel universe). Once there, she meets with others displaced by the wars and finally a jubilant reunion occurs between herself and her two sisters Alma-a and Alma-c. The fantastic level one established inside the pristine LP Universe is with the blessings of the Light People (LP). However, it is really a shame that those peaceful, angelic, LP beings simply won't try to understand the meaning of the great flow of refugees and of an impending invasion by the ruthless, RZZ (robotic) armies. The kind LP, with their billions of sectors of uninterrupted tranquillity, building and sciences, have no negative thoughts…a place where very few of them have ever died.

     Her odyssey documents the peaceful Realm’s decisions about war and peace and gives a very surprising determination. This ebook is perhaps the most exciting SF story that you will ever encounter, full of new science, romance, bravery, and fast reading.  I think that you will also enjoy a look into the future of robotic sciences.

    My story can be yours to read in a variety of different formats if you click on the following link:



What is a terse poem?  It is often the question that comes to mind about this collection of over 1001.

They are merely compressed thoughts put to rhyme ... an entirely new form of western expression.

My hard fought collection covers most areas of our human experience, to include: hopes, aspirations, fields of study, relationships, history, multi-cultural morals, feelings, and introduces consideratons about the most important communicators ever made.  Drama, comedy, and reflections also play serious parts. 

I hope that you enjoy these originally stated observations as much as have enjoyed spending the time in the kitchen writing them, while mixing and baking.  If some are half baked and others burnt it was due to our hectic, modern times.

In retrospect exclusively, and inclusively: "I was born to die...and live to fly."

Best wishes and please enjoy, William Perry 2nd

Really light reading for a light price.

“1001 Unusual Terse Poems” is A-ok. 221 pages (Word Doc format)

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