MOSH -transmits CW without pain


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Info in swedish                         Info in english

MOSH 6.1 E    V 6.1 English version   -The latest and last

MOSH 3.5 S    V 3.5 Svensk   -äldre och yngre datorer. En  liten  men bra trainer.

SOURCE    The source code for both programs in QB 4.5, possible to make changes.

Mosh  works with Dos and Windows/95-98. Sorry,  Not with W-2000, XP and Vista.  Well, it can be done with a start disk!

Supports LPT and Com ports, works with the internal loudspeaker, not the sound card.

If you are a new Mosh user, please register by an e-mail!

And a P.S.: There is a new official CW letter - the @, sounded like SLLSLS (S = short, L = long).


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