"Here is were I speak through my art". Sure!!!, only one single picture shows more than 1000 words... but I really want to speak through ordinary words too!!! My full name is Perdavid Benjamin Nygren. If you have questions, my mail-adress is:

My Panoramio-photos can be viewed HERE!


Blue Star in Autumn Air

Made this picture in the autumn year 2000. Got this swaying blue plastic star from one of my two big sisters that moved with us to Falun from Hällbybrunn outside Eskilstuna with her family. Placed the star before some dried flowers and thought it would be a nice picture.

Smiling Dolphin

At the early spring 2001 I was thinking of what kind of picture to make and suddenly I felt like making a picture of a dolphin... . Made the picture after a photo in our old swedish encyclopedia "Bra Böckers Lexicon". A happy dolphin in the Ocean bathed in light.


Red Melody

Made this picture at the end of September 2006. I found this strange black´n´white bug in our redcurrant bushes (ribes rubrum). I put the bug in a glass jar and took some pictures of it. I felt like making a picture of that bug in a reddish picture. In a certain way of cultural thinking, the color Red is between Black and White and can go to either side. This mysterious bug (for me) reminds me of some kind of bigger, grey bugs that looks like the bug in the picture, they sound funny if you touch them.  

White Sunlight

After being touched by the beauty of spring, early summer after a rain in the sunshine (year 2001) I made this picture in a very special mood. At that time of solar maximum, the sunlight really was whiter, today (2011) the sunlight is weaker in a more yellow color. That summer was a turning point for me all thanks to a Light that is far stronger than any star, the Light of Jesus Christ. I got something very special from the Holy spirit of God that is a secret. 

Half Moon of Spring

At my birthday 19 May 2002 I finished this picture. The idea to this picture came from a late afternoon when I saw all the white flowers of a modified variant of the Bird-Cherry (Prunus padus) before the half-moon in Bojsen-burg in Falun.




A Growing Soul

From the wintertime of 2000/2001 I made a lot of pictures. Before I made this picture I decided to make a picture of Yellow. I remember our three wonderful cats we had at that time. But only our orange/brown Bread-colored cat Felix is the one to live today (2011). The cat Felix is today a grown up cat with a Lot of intelligence and wisdom, meow!!!



A picture made in a hellish and very strange situation. This picture were made at the time of new years eve (2000 to 2001). This night I made this picture while I listened to radio station NRJ´s stupid party-music.



The Light of Christ when all else fails!

The picture speaks for itself




Emotional picture

After the life-changing gift I recieved from the Holy spirit from Jesus Christ at the spring of 2001, EVERYTHING became Bright and Possible!







 A picture made while my mind was really "high strung" of positive power even though I knew nothing of the Power I was given by Christ in the upper floor of Centrumkyrkan in Falun by the springtime of 2001. 



A picture I made after I watched a Jap-movie, an "anime" by the name Venus Wars. This picture is sharpened in Photoshop with greater outlining. This picture were not a wholeheartead work... but good enough to show on this site. 


Chaos of Beauty

A picture made from two small oaks that sprung out from a few acorns I planted on our ground from oaks in the "läroverks-parken" in Falun that I collected a few years ago. Swedes hates changes to things they are holding dear..., it´s VERY Hard to tell´em a simple FACT that oaks (quercus robur) is spreading far north of the river Dalälven, even as far north in Sweden as Örnsköldsvik. This is happening thanks to the natural warming our Sun caused with beginning in the 60´ies to about year 1998/2003. Now the climate is getting colder again also because of our Sun. Hotter more active Sun = Warmer climate, Colder lesser active Sun = Colder climate.  

New Times ahead

Since the sixties, our Solar-system entered an area of the Milky Way (LISM) that is full of dense photon-energy. The whole Solar-system will go through a transformation that will be traumatic for a while. But after our Solar-system are one with the new photon-belt... there will be a higher quality of biological life here on Earth. The Bible is telling that a human that is 100 years old will not be considered old! The plants will be strenghtend with healing effects that will cure wounds in just a few minutes! Best of all is that there will be no more flesh-eating animals... there will be no need for that! The Avatar of Light of the True God will be the leader at this time of peace and harmony on this world, Jesus (Yashua) Christ is his name!

Coming Earthquakes

The World as it is today will not continoue for long. Jesus said that it will be a Lot of Wars and Earthquakes at the time of his second coming and that is exactly what is happening today! The Bible is talking about a certain enormous Earthquake that will be on a global scale. The rich contries of the West (including Japan) are living on the poor countries in complete ignorance! But in the end, even the western World will be suffering. The superrich antichristian, satanic elite might as well enjoy their short perverted life, soon they will be severly punished by God in Hell, oh yes you will!

Absolute Zero

This picture is showing how the cold vacuum of space comes down to Earth. This picture were made at the early winter of year 2000. I once believed in the talks about a "global warming" because the climate was warmer than usual for a time. But IPCC and mr Al Gore falsely accused humans for it (as if the warming were bad). Al Gore and his IPCC were defeated by Wikileaks, and since then their b.s is slowly dissappearing from massmedia. More C02 inte air comes from a warming of the climate by the Sun, undersea volcanoes or Earth coming closer to the Sun of some reason. C02 is less soluble in warm water and is then released from the seas into the atmosphere as food for the trees, flowers and animals. Even if C02 were a climate-driver, the natural amount of C02 in the air is over 98% while human-made C02 in the atmosphere is almost 2%. Also, Earth is getting colder and we should pray to God that the warming that was should return! More C02 in the air is caused by a hotter Sun not the other way around.


H.A.A.R.P and E.L.F

Got the idea to this picture in the early winter of year 2000 by the radio/TV tower here in Falun. I was facinated by the moon when I was a small boy. The fact that the moon is like a nearby planet that is just hanging "without weight" out there in space was exiting to me. If you wonder what Haarp and Elf is, you should read about the anti-christian Blue-beam Project that will be used to create images in the skies as the Bible is telling us the False Prophet will do false wonders in the sky under Anti-Christ and the Dragon in the final end. I recently (2011) watched videos of a Light hovering above the temple-ground in Jerusalem, we must be vigilant!      


A man by the name Robert Felix is talking about how our worlds magnetic field soon will flip over. Actually, the magnetic northpole is already moving toward Siberia and that is causing problems in the air-traffic. The magnetic poleshift will cause terrible earthquakes and many volcanoues will erupt. This picture is showing how the coming Ice-age is walking as a cold supernatural being under the skies filled with cooling volcanic ash and smoke from thousands burning cities. The cities without police and firefighters are making a false sunrise in the horizon. I think I made this picture in 2005. Jesus said that there will be an increase in earthquakes and wars before his return to Earth. 









Indian Cress

This picture were made at the last truly warm summer (year 2006) we had here in Sweden (warm summer of Swedish standard). This Indian cress in the picture reached an unreal lenght and the summer lasted almost into the wintertime. The biggest climate-change in a very long time happened in 2007/2008. Our global climate plunged to much colder temperatures as our Sun lost almost all of it´s activity as sunspots, solarwind-speed and flares. The Sun is factor No. 1 when it comes to warmer/colder climate, No. 2 is H20 (Water) and No. 3 is volcanic activity. No. 4 is our distance to the Sun, our orbit is elliptic.

Godfrey Bloom is a brave man that in front of ridiculing masses dares to speak the truth about the talks of "human-caused global warming". Listen here!




At the autumn of year 2005 I made this picture. By the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of humans became possible. Satan the Dragon lost his grip on the human souls after the victory Jesus Christ won on the Cross in Golgata/Jerusalem. The resurrected humans will not be resurrected as physical beings though, they will get new Spiritual bodies of Light! This picture shows how the power of the Light of Christ is transforming dead fallen leaves into holy lights that will move away from Earth to much better place, a place called Heaven! Through the Light of Jesus Christ, we will finally be able move back to the Light! 






Flowing water of Spring

Melting snow is causing wonderful sounds from streams at the spring-time. At spring the days are longer and the sounds of happy birds like the blackbird (Turdus merula) is making wonderful, sweet melodies between the trees in the forest even late at night. Made this simple picture at springtime the year 2001.  






From my houseplants I got the idea to this picture after I moved them out to our summerhouse to get fresh air and stronger sunlight on the summer. My Budgie-birds also love to be outside at the summertime... when the weather allows it. Made this picture in the year of 2007. Cannot remember the name of the japanese plant in the upper part of the picture. The plant in the lower part is called Clover of Happines in Swedish (Lyckoklöver) by the latin name of (Oxalis articulata).





Fleeting Respite

This picture were made at the year 2000 while my life was a true hell. My only hope and power came from the desperation I had at that point that I made into a Scream of help to the God of Light that I in my Heart almost hated at that point. But when I could be alone out in our summerhouse we didn´t use at wintertime I found peace and tranquility, at that time and the year that followed I made most of the pictures I have today. We had electricity out there so there were no problem to be there, at that time I just wanted to be left alone to slowly heal. But many memories from that time, I cherish!


Green Depth

This picture is made from my love towards the plants, bushes and trees of this planet Earth. This picture is showing the red, sour but tasty berries of the Redcurrant and below is a kind of flower that is growing in the wild here (our Summerhouse north of Falun) by the english name of Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus). Greater celandine is a strange plant with orange sap and black´n´white seeds. The upper part of the picture is showing new branches of the Norway Maple (Acer platanoides) climbing up into the blue skies. Made this picture in the year 2007.


Psychedelic Flowers

In the lower part of this picture there is Orange hawkweed (Pilosella aurantiaca). Got this kind of "weed" from a place called Gotland here in Sweden. Gotland is an island out in southeastern part of Sweden. I can´t remember the name of the bluish flowers I painted at the top of the picture. This picture were made directly after the picture to the left. 


The end is the new beginning

Once again a picture from the year 2001. I was inspired by a certain Manga that Hayao Miyazaki (宮崎駿) made about a girl in a future of Chaos. The hidden snake government of this corrupted World will be forced to live through everything they caused us humans in the flames of Hell. By this picture I´m not referring to the sick theater 911!!!







The Christian Soul

One day in the early 90´ies a Christian African man that was selling books came to us at our summerhouse, my father bought a book called The Pilgrim´s Progress from this World to That Which Is to Come. It was a Book with a lot of well-made illustrations. In the year 2002 I wanted to make a picture from my memories of that story but in a more anime/game style. The boy in the picture is wearing clothes that is too big, you must grow to fit into the role of a True Christian!

Growing Consciousness

At the year 2003 I made this picture. The tree of knowledge today is the internet. The Eagle Jesus Christ and his angels of Light is promoting the internet while the Devil-snake (Satan, the Dragon-God of this World) is trying to take it away from us Humans. Just look at all the hissing dictatorships, they all hate the internet! But internet is a tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, there sure are snakes in the internet like Zeistgeist, Alex Jones, David Icke and Nancy Lieder and her demon-zetas and so on. They might tell the truth about certain things like the false "global warming", vaccines and 911 but they are at the same time Sad Christophobians and extreme Jew-haters! So much for their "light". To listen to them I mentioned is like drinking water from a poisoned well of Death and Chaos. They will meet the same fate us their father, the Devil Dragon which is the god of this perverted world!    





Some kind of Future

A field that is ripening on a renewed planet Earth after Jesus Christ finally threw Satan to Hell after the 1000 year kingdom and the fire that cleansed this World. Made this picture from some feelings that I had that the future on Earth would be really High-tech. I made this picture in the autumn of 2001. In 2010 I read from a book made from the experiences a christian boy had after his death, but he came back to tell the tale. He saw the future of this World (together with Jesus Christ) as a place of Oneness where people finally have learned to help each other, they hid their faces in hoods. The cities architecture were of harmony and beauty that is not possible today. He saw a room where they researched the soul of planet Earth and also, he saw that they were searching after God and Heaven with their technology. In another revelation I read on the internet, an angel of Light said to a christian missionary (he prayed in 7 years to get a vision of Heaven) that the scientists on Earth will be able to find Heaven through the radio-waves from all stars in the universe.



This picture were made during the "Libanon-war" year 2006. From the Jews the Light went out to all people on Earth. Romans: 10:9 "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Today the Jews have yet to believe in Jesus Christ but at the final moment before they are destroyed by the Dragon´s armies, they will finally accept Jesus Christ. At that time the Bible is saying that the weakest Jews will be like David and the strongest Jews will be like the Angel-warrior Michael (Mikael) himself! Israel might fall into ruins once again but they WILL prevail through accepting Jesus Christ at the final moment of true desperation! The ones that survives the tribulation and the Armageddon-war will go to Jerusalem to help rebuild it, Amen.      





The Final Battle

Made this picture in the year 2008, above one can see Jesus Christ. Down below we see the Snake/Dragon who is the Devil or Satan. This picture shows how the "Novus Ordo Seclorum" fails at preventing Jesus Christ from re-enter Earth. Jesus Christ will through the Holy Sword of his mouth destroy everyone who is fooled into attacking him. The Antichrist in the middle of the picture (little horn) will be cast down into his punishment together with his false prophet! The Snake with the lion-head the old Dragon will be utterly defeated!!! After that, all members (who are still alive) of the hidden failed reptilian NWO Elite of the Snake/Dragon will be sent to trials and righteous judgement before the 1000 year kingdom can get started! Jesus Christ himself will rule this World from Jerusalem in the true Golden age of humanity. 

Jesus walks on Water

What many people fail to understand is that Jesus Christ walked on the sea-surface at a Storm! Jesus disciples thought they saw a ghost! When the dispicple Peter wanted to try to walk on the water like his friend Jesus did, Jesus said: "Come!". Peter also walked on the water until he was frightened by the waves that came towards him. Peter slowly began to sink into the ocean but Jesus Christ lifted him up again and asked him why he stopped to believe. Made this picture in 2008. I kinda failed at making Jesus and his clothing look good... heh!, no one is perfect beside Jesus Christ!







Made this picture in the year of 2009. I haven´t been very productive since the years of 2000 and 2001. It´s really hard to get a Good idea to make a picture. But I´ve also been lazy in recent years. Got this idea from the upper part of "Bergslagen" in the Central Sweden near the border of Dalarna/Hälsingland at the time of my Vernissage in the town of Edsbyn. I exaggerated the autumn-colors of the simple reason of the lack of broad-leaved trees up there. Fact is that only the southern tip of Sweden and lower part of our west-coast that have broad-leaved forests with European Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), Beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Oaks (Quercus robur). The rest of Sweden is in the Boreal Pine-forest area with long, cold and snowy winters.   



Once again a picture from the year 2000. The yellow "candy" to the left is not edible, it is a marble egg. Bought that a long time ago in Eskilstuna in a gas-station that were called Texaco, today Texaco is... Preem. I really don´t like chocolate and other most other sweets. But I love nuts as Macadamia, Pistage, Hazel, Cashew and Walnuts. The only type of candies I like is the hard ones that is impossible to chew like the disgusting gelatinous things! Gelatin is coming from animal sinews, teeth, horns and so on, enjoy!!!   


This picture were made in the Winter of 2000/2001. This picture are inspired by Squaresofts Final Fantasy 8. Today though I´ve learned the true color of the japanese Manga, Game and Anime-industry, they are almost 100% hard-core Christophobic to the point of madness! Also, many japanese Manga-writers seems to be afraid of the Christian faith! But I see the same pattern in Hollywood and so on. For now (but not for long) this planet is the Devils property.



A picture from the year of 2001. Gävle or Gefle is our neighbour-town. Some years ago Gävle had an invasion of bloodsucking "vampire-butterlies". Maybe they loved the smell of farts from the Paper-industry the County of Uppland totally nonchalant put behind Gävle? The whole city Gävle is often smelling bad through Upplands stanky Paper-industry there!!! Though I love the Stockholm-area (Mälardalen) I prefer the Upper part of the Central Sweden as Gävle and Falun.








Red Yellow Blue

An early picture I made at the start of 2000. Two glass-birds in Red and Blue before a Yellow slime Hourglass. At the time I made this picture I was not completely aware of the demon-world on Earth. Today I know about their sickening evil power that is perverting humans, nations and the whole world. Actually, sometimes I can see them as as small orbs/clouds in the color of Red, Blue and Yellow/orange in a burnt way. There are also a lot of grey spirits that are more like spiritual evil clouds. Some spirits are darker than black..., they are darker than the darkness our physical eyes/brain can perceive! Some stupid people wants to be able to see them with their spiritual eyes (third eye), they are MUCH better off not being able to see them! Only through the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit of God we can be stronger than them, but they are extremely persistent, they are like intelligent, evil insects!!!

Playhouse of the past

This picture are the only one from the 90´ies. This picture is gone, fact is that I scanned in this picture from a print of the original picture... and that printed picture are also gone. I made this picture at the year 1999 after I really HAD to jump out of my military education as a Block store manager at the FO-21 right outside the city Gävle. The Playhouse in this picture is today gone and our site is today much more open to the skies.










A strange picture I made of pure intution through feelings. At that time I knew that I´ve quickly moved up from the dark age. The victory Jesus Christ won by his death and Resurrection in his indestructible Love towards us Humans really IS bigger than most of us Christians ever dared to Believe!!! In heaven, Paul is still teaching people who are intrested about the Christian faith, Jesus Christ explained that (to a certain person) with the words: "When you finally come here, you will understand". But still, there are some humans who are like the Snake. As Jesus Christ said, they will get a punishment accoring to their sins. After the punishment they deserved, they will be erased and cease to exist, that is the second death of the spirit. Eternal torment in Hell is a lie, they will be dead forever after their punishment.

Vitamin C

The first picture I made after the 90´ies. I made this picture of the European Rowan in the early winter of the year 2000. The rich amount of red Rowan-berries before the Silver Birches white Bark (Betula pendula) gave me the seed to this picture. Only one of these red berries contains more Vitamin C than three Oranges. Hard to believe, but it´s true. Vitamin C is among other things a good weapon against colds and depression.








The Tawny Owl

I recently moved to the outside of the city Falun. I moved to Uggelviken (Owl Inlet). Sometimes one can hear the Tawny Owl (Strix aluco) at night. I made this picture in the early winter of 2009 after hearing their funny sound. Inside Falun there is a bronze-statue of the Euroasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo Bubo). I have never heard that owls sound but there it is said to be some of them living in the crater of the Legendary Copper-mine here in Falun. My father fell down on his knees and almost shat his pants when a Barn-owl (Tyto alba) screamed out at him from our chimney in the middle of the night. But the Barn-owls are thankfully not here in the county of Dalarna anymore, they moved back down to the southern-most part of Sweden.


A Summerhouse

Made this picture as a gift of thanks to my relatives in the county of hälsingland northeast from here. They helped me a lot with an exhibition I had there. This picture was made in the late autumn of 2009. The flowers in the picture are Lupins (Lupinus polyphyllus). This picture are based from a photo... I hade to use my imagination to make that boring photo more intresting. 









My father gave me an old yellowish post-stamp which showed Moses cleave the Red Sea and said: "make a picture like this". Thought about it and actually made it because I wanted to make a powerful picture (though I´m embarrased over the way I made Moses... ). Made this picture in spring of 2001. Later I learned from the Bible that God actually cleaved the Red Sea into two perfect walls that moved away from each other to make a way. The open bottom of the opened sea was wet and slippery, therefore God sent a storm to make the way dry the night thereafter. The day after the stormy night, all Jews moved through. But they were told by God through Moses to NOT look to walls of water, if they did, they would panic of fear that the waterwalls would fall. That didn´t happen... but the percecuting Egyptian army drowned when these waterwalls fell over them! 

Grandma and Grandpa´s House

Here my mother grew up with her two sisters. This house still exist in the small village Viksjöfors (Inlet-Lake-Torrent in english). This picture were made in the year 2010 after a photo from long ago. Viksjöfors lies in the upper part of the county Gävleborg called Hälsingland. My father was born in Stockholm though. My father and mother fell in love with each other in a very unusual way in Falun and got married in the church of Viksjöfors. The house in the picture still exists today, but the former glory of the old days are gone.








A picture made after my brothers description of a dream he had about the rapture. This picture were made at the early spring of the year 2011. My brother had this dream in the mid 90´ies at the time we lived in Eskilstuna (today I live in the city Falun). The place in the picture exist in reality but less colorful. My little brother clearly remembers this dream today and the dream were about Jesus Christ coming in the skies to take home the humans with their name in the Book of Life. My brother described the spiral starting slowly from the sun and quickly accelerating with the final beam of Light hitting Earth. When the Light hit the ground, everything got extremely bright and everybody fell down on their knees. The intense, bright Light covered the whole sky. Some christians are saying that the rapture will be on 21 May this year but I highly doubt that, it´s too soon!


A picture I promised to make to a friend in Eskilstuna. This picture is made from a photo taken by him and his girl from Olofström in the western part of the county Bleking. This picture was rather hard to make. Unlike in a computermade picture, you cannot erase mistakes.