John Maynard

b St Albans,Herts,bapt. 5.1 1577-d after 1614

English lutenist, composer and singer.

He was engaged as a bass singer by king Christian IV of Denmark in 1599 but absconded in suspicious circumstances in 1601.He is best remembered for his The XII Wonders of the World (London 1611), 12 satires on stock characters for voice, lute and bass viol, followed by six "Lute Lessons", and seven pavans for lyra viol with optional bass viol. In this publication he described himself as "Lutenist at the most famous Schoole of St Julians in Hertfordshire". St Julians, originally built as a leper hospital, is just outside the old city of St Albans, in the parish of St Michael. No other record has come to light of its being a school, but the house was "in the occupation of John Maynard" in 1613 and 1614.

Maynard seems to have led an adventurous life. In 1600 he was appointed a Commissary of Musters in Ireland, but this post may have been a sinecure, for "Johan Meinert" was engaged as a bass singer

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