Joachim van den Hove

b Antwerp 1567- d The Hague 1620

South Netherlands lutenist, composer, intabulator and teacher. His family moved from Antwerp to the North Netherlands, probably for religous reasons, before 1585. After his marriage in 1594 he settled at Leiden. He was soon held in high regard there as a lutenist and a lute teacher : later that year he already had several pupils from the upper strata of society, including Hendrik Frederik, Count of Nassau, who was a student of Leiden University and to whom he dedicated his Florida (1601); he also taught the count┤s brother, Prince Maurits, to whom he dedicatedDelitiŠ Musicae (1612). He is several times mentioned as a lutenist in the Leiden city archives, for example when he played at a banquet in honour of the Venetian ambassador on the occasion of his visit on 8 and 9 May 1610.
The mention of Frankfurt, Metz, Naples, Paris and Venice, with dates between 1613 and 1616, in the Schele Lute Manuscript suggest that he visited these cities during this period. In 1615 or 1616 he moved to the Hague. He had meanwhile got into great financial difficulties; in 1616 some of his property was confiscated, and in 1620 his house was compulsorily sold. When he died later that year he was totally destitute.
Van den Hove┤s collections show that he was an able and sensitive composer and intabulator. With Emmanuel AdriŠnssen and Nicholas Vallet he was one of the most important figures in Netherlands lute music about 1600. PrŠludia testudinis is the only collection by Van den Hove that contains exclusively his own music, comprising 19 preludes, two pavans and an echo piece. His Florida and DelitiŠ Musicae contain fantasias, dances, intabulations and vocal pieces for two voices and lute (three for two lutes), especially by Italian composers - Giovanni Gabrieli ,Giovanni Maria Nanino, Vecchi and many others.
Other composers represented include Lassus, Le Jeune, Monte and Sweelinck. The manuscript collections include fewer intabulations and no vocal works, concentrating instead on preludes, toccatas, dances and pieces with such titles as "Diminutio", "Contrapuncto" and "Tyrada"; Van den Hove drew on works by lute composers such as Dowland, Vallet, Rude, Ballard and Bocquet. All the anthologies contain fine pieces by Van den Hove himself.

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