Ennemond Gaultier

1575 at Villette Dauphiné-1651 dec.11 at Nèves nr.Villette

French composer and lutenist. To distinguish him from his cousin Denis Gaultier, he was often referred to as le vieux Gaultier; he was also known as Gaultier de Lyon ( Lyons is the nearest important city to his birthplace) .
He was page to the Duchess of Montmorency in Languedoc. He then served as valet de chambre to Henri IV:s queen (the former Maria dé Medici) from the beginning of her reign in 1600 until her exile in 1631. During these years he won fame at court as a lutenist and teacher of the lute; about 1630 he was sent to England, where he played before Charles I, Queen Henrietta Maria and the Duke of Buckingham . He retired to Dauphiné in 1631: presumably this is why none of his works, which were widely admired, were published during his lifetime.
Lack of publication is one of the factors that have made it so difficult to separate Ennemond Gaultier´s music (all originally for lute ) from that of his cousin Denis, with whom he was so closely identified: the question is discussed more fully in the article on Denis Gaultier, as in the nature of their music. They were the most important French lutenists of the 17th century, and their works are the most significant French contribution to the lute music of the period.

Monique Rollin
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