Jacques Gallot

c 1620 - d Paris c 1690

Lutenist and composer, brother of Antoine Gallot. He was known as vieux Gallot de Paris. He was a pupil of Ennemond Gaultier. His Pièces de luth composées sur differens modes (Paris, n.d. [after1670]) includes a brief method for the lute. The inclusions of minuets and the arrangements of pieces by keys and forms anticipate the later suite.
In addition to this collection (in CS-Pu) there is an incomplete lute tablature by Gallot de Paris and most of the pieces in an untitled lute manuscript (in D-LEm) are signed in the same way. These three sources comprise almost all his identified music, but a few other pieces by him are among those signed simply Gallot found in other manuscripts (in F-Pn, Pthibault and B, GB-Ob, A-GÖ and KR and at CS-Pu)
His compositions include several musical portraits - La Fontage and La Montespan among others - and tombeaux - among them those in memory of Turenne, Condé and Madame - inspired by the members of the court. Visée in turn composed a tombeau in memory of Gallot.

Monique Rollin
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