Fabrizio Dentice

Naples c 1525-35 - Parma before 1601

Instrumentalist and composer, son of Luigi Dentice. In 1545 he played the part of Pasquella in GlŽingannati, a comedy performed in the Neapolitan palace of Ferrante Sanseverino, prince of Salerno.
In a letter to Lord Robert Dudley, Sir Thomas Challoner reported that in March 1564 he had heard Fabrizio Dentice play the lute and sing in Barcelona, and recommended him as worth an annual salary of 400 crowns.
Vincenzo Galilei in his Dialogo (1568), referred to him as an excellent lute player and improviser. At some time Dentice entered the Duke of ParmaŽs service, where he assumed teaching duties.
His renown as a lutenist eclipsed his fame as a composer. His Lamentationi and the falsobordone Miserere are notably adventurous in their use of augmented triads and melodic diminished 4ths.

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