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Believe it or not, but I have (self)published some music. The music is entirely digital, and has been created with the help of Melody Assistant, an impressively versatile music programme sold by Myriad Software. I strongly recommend it (and its even more powerful big brother Harmony Assistant) to all who are even remotely interested in doing their own music.

(And yes, this is a vanity project; so stop asking.)

      FAKE ROCK (CD 2009)
A myriad of fun by John Miaou

EAN 0859700709931

Fake Rock contains instrumental music, save some simulated choir bits. In fact, all sounds on Fake Rock are digital simulations of "real" instruments, which accounts for the album title. Guitars, keyboards, piano, accordion, trumpet, flute, cello, bass, cymbals, timpanis, and so on, are all fake. I suppose I could have gone for pure electronic sounds only, but I didn't. Maybe I will on the next album.

The advantage of using digital simulations instead of real instruments is that you don't have to deal with moody musicians and their inflated egos -- other than your own, of course. The music is thus unfiltered by performers' interpretations (which could be construed of as a good thing). Therefore what you hear are pure compositions. It is music per se subsistere. Or should that be per se esse? Or just per se? Why not music a se? I never did get Latin right.

The music is fairly up-tempo throughout, and could be classified as a cross between folk rock and jazz, and a bit classical -- I think.

(Until recently, the album could be purchased via iTunes, but is currently unavailable.)

Two purple minutes (MIDI version)    2.07
Duh Duh 2.19
Suite 3122, pt. 1 : Verona 5.00
Suite 3122, pt. 2 : Milano 3.37
Suite 3122, pt. 3 : Genoa 1.41
Suite 3122, pt. 4 : Roma 7.28
Street smart 2.55
Four bars 3.51
Piano walk 2.38
Walking guitar 4.07
Will I ever hear from you again? 3.40
Frantic Christmas 3.01

"Natural selection" (2009)

I have also entered a more classically oriented piece into Myriad's 21st Sample Tunes Friendly Contest. This year's theme is "Evolution", a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.

The name of my contribution is "Natural selection: a prelude to evolution". You can see the score to the right, and also listen to it if you click the play button. In order to do so, however, you must first install the (unobstrusive) Myriad Music Plug-In.

Again, what you hear are digitally simulated instruments. In this case, there's a flute, a grand piano, an acoustic guitrar, a cello, and three percussion instruments (maracas, cabasa, triangle). I suppose that makes it a quintet, as you would need five people to perform it.

The melody and its various permutations, although not entirely original, turned out quite satisfactory. The percussions tap out a deceptively irregular rythm, which may sound odd at first, but if you listen carefully, there's almost an "intelligent design" underlying it. In fact, the rythm is based on a quote from Darwin himself, namely "I have called this principle ... Natural Selection" (fr. Origin of Species, 1859) -- hence the title of the piece. (I know that this last bit seemingly doesn't make any sense, but trust me, it does.)

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