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Jouni Filip Maho
Partille, Sweden



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Notes: Not sure of the details.

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Notes: What's MASCA?

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Notes: Re-published 1907 in book form, slightly revised.

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Notes: Slight revision of his 1905 article.

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Notes: The chapter title is given "A report on the Tswaa and G//ana languages" in the book's table of contents.

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Notes: The <u> in Kua should have a macron over it.

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Notes: Includes lexical specimens from G//abake, Shua, Buka, Xû, Nharo, Dama, Kwadi, Zhu/hõasi, ≠Au//eîn, Maligo, ≠Hûa, Ng/amani, Ng/huki, and //Xegwi.

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