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Jouni Filip Maho
Partille, Sweden



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Notes: Referred to by Köhler (1981:478).

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Notes: Includes some mention of the Bakhoba (i.e. Yeyi), the Batoana, the Bakalahari, the Botletli (Bushmen). JSTOR gives the title as "Second visit to the South African lake, Ngami" but that title does not appear in conjunction with the article itself.

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Notes: Re-published 1907 in book form, slightly revised.

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Notes: Slight revision of his 1905 article.

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Notes: Survey of endangered languages in Africa, incl. Deti (p. 334-335).

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Notes: Includes lexical specimens from G//abake, Shua, Buka, Xû, Nharo, Dama, Kwadi, Zhu/hõasi, ≠Au//eîn, Maligo, ≠Hûa, Ng/amani, Ng/huki, and //Xegwi.

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