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Jouni Filip Maho
Partille, Sweden



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Notes: There is possibly a second part to this.

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Reviews etc.: Richard B. Lee, African studies, v. 25 (1966) p. 164-165; Richard B. Lee, American anthropologist, new series, v. 69 (1967) p. 526-527.

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Notes: Referred to by Strohmeyer & Moritz (1975:179).

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Notes: Discusses many "remnant" populations/languages of Africa, such as Kwadi, Kwisi, Dama, Cimba, Hadza, Sandawe, Okiek, Dahalo, Yaaku, Boni, Ik/Soo (Kuliak), Ongota, Shabo, Oropom, Kujarge, Kajakse, Laal, and Jalaa.

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Reviews etc.: J. Alves Correia, Anthropos, v. 10 (1925) p. 321-331.
Notes: Details wanting. Might be some kind of report. It is reviewed, or at least talked about, by Correia (1925).

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Notes: Mentions Kwepe, Kwisi, Dama of Angola, among others.

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Notes: Includes reprints of Estermann's earlier works.

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Reviews etc.: Diedrich Westermann, "African linguistic classification", Africa, v. 22 (1952) p. 250-256.

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Reviews etc.: Rainer Vossen, Tribus, v. 34 (1985) p. 204-206.
Notes: Includes brief sections on a variety of subjects, e.g. "Khoisansprachen" by J.C. Winter (p. 125-127).

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Notes: Survey of endangered languages in Africa, incl. Kwadi (p. 365).

Westermann, Diedrich. 1952.
African linguistic classification. Africa: journal of the International African Institute, 22, p. 250-256.
Notes: Review article on Greenberg's "Studies in African linguistic classification" which had appeared in Southwestern journal of anthropology, vols 5 (1949) and 6 (1950).

Westphal, Ernst Oswald Johannes. 1953-1971.
The E.O.J. Westphal papers. Manuscripts, papers, correspondence, ref. BC 1143/A, BC 1143/B, BC 1143/C1-15, BC 1143/D. Rare Documents and Manuscripts Department, University of Cape Town.
Notes: Unpublished notes and manuscripts; some typed, some pencilled. Includes material on/about/titled Hua = West ≠Hua (BC 1143/C1), Danisin (BC 1143/C2), G//oro (BC 1143/C3), Kwadi (BC 1143/C4-C5), Ganade (BC 1143/C6), Hande (BC 1143/C7), Shua (BC 1143/C8), Deti (BC 1143/C9), G//abake, Kwe, Kolee (BC 1143/C10), Ng/amani (BC 1143/C11), Ng/huki (BC 1143/C12), Suwan + paper "Not all Bushmen are Bushmen" (BC 1143/C13), x''e, Bushmen of Amsterdam, district Ermelo, i.e. //Xegwi (BC 1143/C14), "!Xu: other collectors' notes and vocabularies" (BC 1143/C15,2), "!Xu doublets and phonetics" (BC 1143/C15,3), "!Xu grammar" by Terttu Heikkinen (BC 1143/C15,4). There is also a huge pile of unsorted note cards on various aspects of !Xu, Xhegwi, Bush ABCD, Khoe (BC 1143/D). Other parts include the papers "The peopling of southern Africa" (BC1143/A) and "Lexical evidence for Bush-Hott classification" (BC1143/B).

Westphal, Ernst Oswald Johannes. 1962.
A re-classification of southern African non-Bantu languages. Journal of African languages, 1 (1), p. 1-8.

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The linguistic prehistory of southern Africa: Bush, Kwadi, Hottentot and Bantu linguistic relationships. Africa: journal of the International African Institute, 33 (3), p. 237-265.

Westphal, Ernst Oswald Johannes. 1966.
Linguistic research in SWA and Angola. Die ethnischen Gruppen Südwestafrikas, p. 125-144. Wissenschaftliche Forschung in Südwestafrika, 3. Windhoek: Südwestafrikanische Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft.
Notes: Includes lexical specimens from G//abake, Shua, Buka, Xû, Nharo, Dama, Kwadi, Zhu/hõasi, ≠Au//eîn, Maligo, ≠Hûa, Ng/amani, Ng/huki, and //Xegwi.

Winter, Jürgen Christoph. 1981.
Khoisan. Die Sprachen Afrikas, p. 329-374. Edited by Bernd Heine, Thilo C. Schadeberg and Ekkehard Wolff. Hamburg: Helmut Buske Verlag.

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