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EBALL, or Electronic Bibliography for African Languages and Linguistics, is a private, never-financed, long-term bibliography project with the sole aim of collecting bibliographical details for literature on and about African languages. It is not an inventory of any existing library or collection, however desirable that may sound as an idea. EBALL currently contains some 59,000 fully indexed and partially annotated references. Roughly two-thirds (or c.37,000) deal specifically with some or other linguistic aspect.


Bantu Bibliography Supplement PDF
This is an online supplement to the Bantu Bibliography, which contains a number of entries missed by the published version. (See also BOB immediately below.)

Bantu Online Bibliography (BOB) PDF
BOB is a bibliography intending to list any and all literature dealing with the sub-Saharan Bantu languages. This PDF is a simplified version of a published Bantu Bibliography and lacks many of the bells and whistels available in the latter. (Note that BOB includes also the entries of the above-mentioned supplement.)

Khoisan bibliography HTML
A web bibliography with the intention of including any and all literature dealing with the so-called Khoesan languages. Co-compiled by myself and Bonny Sands.

Languages of Tanzania: a web links collection HTML
This is a web-appendix to a bibliography published in pritn form by myself and Bonny Sands. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in a while.

Namibian languages online bibliography (NAMLOB) PDF
NAMLOB intends to list any and all literature dealing with any and all Namibian languages. This PDF is a simplified version of a bibliography currently being prepared for "proper" publication.

Niger-Congo noun class studies (NICNOC) PDF
This bibliography intends to list any and all literature relevant for anyone interested in studying noun class phenomena in the sub-Saharan Niger-Congo languages. It is still in an incipient state, and will eventually be enhanced.

Sub-Saharan languages and peoples (SSLAP): pre-1920 works PDF
This bibliography intends to list any and all literature published prior to the year 1920 and which deals with African languages and peoples. Although it's been around for a while, it's still in a preliminary state.

Web bibliography for African languages and linguistics (WEB-BALL) external link
A web-accessible, fully searchable bibliographical database of literature on African languages, with maps and all. It's maintained and developed by Guillaume Segerer at LLACAN in Paris. It is/was partly based on an earlier extract from my own EBALL database (albeit much improved by Guillaume).

Web resources for African languages (WebAL) external link
A web resource aiming to offer easy access to online materials on African languages. WebAL was previously hosted here and maintained by me, but has since October 2008 moved to a new address, where it is now maintained and developed by Messrs De Pauw, De Schryver and Joffe.


Bantu languages & descriptional density HTML
List of primary and secondary Bantu grammar descriptions PDF
Select list of Africana-relevant journals and serials PDF
User guide to EBALL PDF


Jouni F. Maho. 2003. Towards a bibliography for Mozambican languages, part 1: the smaller languages. Africa & Asia: Göteborg working papers on Asian and African languages and literatures, n. 3, p. 147-154.
  [ complete text PDF ]

Jouni F. Maho. 2008. The Bantu Bibliography. African linguistic bibliographies, n. 8. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. Pp xxiv+844.
  [ online supplement PDF, simplified web version incl. supplement PDF ]

Jouni F. Maho. 200x. NAMLAB: the Namibian languages bibliography. Forthcoming. Pp 400-ish.
  [ simplified web version PDF ]

Jouni F. Maho & Bonny Sands. 2002. The languages of Tanzania: a bibliography. Orientalia et africana gothoburgensia, n. 17. Göteborg: Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis. Pp ix+428.

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