A deconstruktion of Enid Blyton
Some years ago I wrote a book titled The Promised Island featuring persons och events from the Famous Five books of Enid Blyton. My ambition was to deal with the clichés of the series by attending to a few original elements present there and then blow them up. There is an interesting conflict between the Five and the adult world, that eventually was lost. I wanted to see it develop to its full consequense; a kind of research of, or "dialogue" with, the author.
Since my writing coincided with the 100 year Enid Blyton anniversary and a sales drive for her still popular books, and a TV series based on the Famous Five, I thought my book to be well timed. But not so the daughter of Enid Blyton:
I do not think that the Blyton readership would go for fiction that darkens the characters and the story in the way you propose. And: I think it most unlikely that Enid Blyton Ltd who owns the copyright, would allow you to proceed.
That is to say, my reconstruction of Enid Blyton´s Famous Five books would be a severe challange to her readers, since they expected happy children and happy endings.

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