Two words should do it. Respect and Credit.

To be more exact:

Do adopt my dolls if you wish (exept the few that are not for adoption, of couse) or use my bases. I will be very flattered if you do. There must be a link back to my index page though, and it must be in direct connection to the doll or base.

Donít take my dolls or bases and claim them as your own.

If my dolls or bases inspires you thatís great, but donít copy them.

Donít edit my dolls in any way. (Frankendolling, resizing, recoloring etc)

If you use my bases you are allowed to change color on eyes, lips and skin. You are also allowed to cut a limb of to turn them into mermaids, centaurs or to put a wooden leg on or whatever. It is still my base and there must be a link back to me. You can also flip the base if you wish.

Do not resize my bases or change the face. 

My dolls and bases are not to be used in dollmakers.

Do not use my bases in base edit contest whithout my permission.

My dolls and bases are made for fun. Therefore they are only to be used on family-friendly and non-profit sites. 

Donít redistribute my dolls or bases in any way. Let people know where to find them instead.

No direct linking.

If you link to my site, Iíd love to know about it. I like to know which of my dolls or bases people think are best and I also enjoy visiting other dollersí sites. Especially if I can find my dolls or bases there. :)


If you are uncertain about anything, send me a mail and Iíll be happy to answer your questions.
xFuchsiaGirlx(remove this part if you want to mail me)