Dear Youth, 

It is an honour and a great responsibility to receive your declaration to the governments in the world. The presence here of so many young students, coming from very far countries, characterised by a great difference to confront on the solution of problems which require creativity, originality and brain, is a fact of great importance and certainly a reason for hope in the future.

After the Earth Summit in Rio, ten years ago, hundreds of declarations, agreements, guidelines and legally binding treaties were designed to address environmental problems and the threats they pose to wildlife and human health and well being. In spite of the already existing great number of declarations, your declaration- as coming from the young generation- should be listened with attention. I shall do my best for it would reach the next World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) that shall take place in South Africa in two month. In fact, this declaration could be important as a remind note to urge the governments to find more political courage and innovative financing to implement the sustainability deals and steer a healthier, more prosperous, course for planet Earth. Concrete actions and time-tables will be needed as well as an iron will from all sides. 

As you can understand, it cannot be the responsibility of politicians alone. We are all shareholders in this enterprise. Only so can the promises made in Rio turn into a reality. Environmental problems are first and foremost social problems, that is, problems affecting everyone. And so, solutions to these problems must be sought with the co-operation of all parties concerned: the political world, industries, and users. A simply legislative "top-down" approach is not appropriate; a consultation approach can better bring in all socio-economic partners, public or private enterprises, industries, governments, local authorities. Co-operation and support in terms of clear policy commitments from Governments and local Authorities are essential to obtain results able to reconcile needs for economic growth with respect for the environment.

It is a matter of great hope for us to see that you, a group of our youngest from all other the world, are conscious of the challenge. We are living in a world still marked by heavy conflicts, tormented by ethical and religious clashes, upset by unbearable discriminations, deep differences and many trouble. Yet we believe that mankind does not stop, and the progress manages to go on in spite of difficulties. I am sure, boys and girls, that you intend to be among the makers of this advancement, among the builders of peaceful enterprises, made by human abilities.

Mr Cavellera (left), Member of Government of Piedmont Region
Andrew Cox (right), Incoming CEI President




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