Are we together? 
(The Earth ceremony) 

On the 2nd of July the Earth Ceremony took place in one of the biggest fortresses in Europe called Fort Le Fenestrelle. More than 50 participants from all over the world with the flags of their countries walked 3000 steps down the hill and finally met in the middle of the fortress with others who climbed up the hill, carrying the ground from their native countries. After that dangerous adventure, which nearly killed some and caused heart attacks to many other new born alpinists, the participants separated once again so that to meet in front of the Church with the accompaniment of Luchano Pavarotti and John Lennon for the Earth Ceremony.

And then the event started. Under the alpha music a representative of each country present came with the pack of earth from his country, said a few words in his original language and add his earth to joint one. Not understanding the exact words of the sentences pronounced by each country all the participants guessed the main idea: the desire to save our unique planet and aspiration to live in harmony and peace with other nations. “Let’s join our hands so that we won’t die all alone” the words of Russian song said and the booklets with the sentences in both original languages and English which were distributed later among the participants proved this desire.  

Nadia Gutina            


Andrew's reflections on the Earth Ceremony:

"Two words spring to mind: dramatic and atmospheric. Bells rolling, the ancient fort, the fog, the music of Carmina Burana - we were allowed to imagine the flags coming down the mountainside.

The diversity of colour, sounds and languages were evident in the Earth Ceremony. The harp playing and the phrases from the young people, the youth declaration were most creative. Congratulations to the organizing committee for this morning event. This is the spirit of Caretakers."
           Andrew Cox, Incoming President of CEI  




The Youth Declaration is announced

Flags from participating countries


The Youth Declaration that will help form a better world

After meeting in separate groups concentrated on different environmental topics, chosen representatives presented their ideas for the Youth Declaration that will be sent to the Johannesburg World Summit later this year. The declaration will be presented to the world leaders gathering at the Summit will hopefully help them make a better declaration for the next ten years. 

                                       Hjalmar Nordén

See youth declaration on the third page. 




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