Here I describe the restoration of another legendary receiver from the second world war (WWII), the Telefunken E52 Köln, which was mainly used by the German Luftwaffe for ground stations and vehicles.

The receiver was far ahead of competing designs of that time both in construction and performance. The chassis was moulded in an aluminum alloy which gave good stability and heat dissipation, and the receiver was built in modules, interconncted with a back plane, the valves were interchangable from the outside. Sensitivity, selectivity, resolution and stability were outstanding with 2 RF and 3 IF stages, with continuosly variable bandwith crystal filters, with a projected photo scale and carefully temperature compensated circuits.

I will describe the initial condition, the restoration and the result in text and photos.

My restored E52 Overview
- history
- variants
- my receiver

- initial condition
- objective
- restoration
- alignment and final checkout

- morse key
- headphones
- spare valves
- valve tester

Photo Gallery
- before restoration
- chassis
- modules
- IF alignment rig
- restored receiver


Helge Fykse WWII radio collection with E52 Köln
Peter Gierlach DF3KT handbooks for the E52 and many other receivers
Norsk Radiohistorisk Förening NRHF Norwegian association for vintage radio, spare valves

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Updated October 26th 2009