Here I describe the restoration of an English receiver from the second world war (WWII), the Marconi R1155, which was used in almost all the English bomber and transport aircraft. The receiver has become a legend and it is popular with collectors and museums.

I describe the initial condition, the restoration and the result in text and photos.

My R1155 Overview
- history
- receiver data
- my receiver

- initial condition
- objective
- restoration
- alignment and final check
- accessories

- morse key
- headphones
- spare valves

Photo Gallery
- installation in the Lancaster bomber etc.
- my receiver before restoring
- my receiver after restoring

Back To Youth With The R1155
Article on how I found my R1155, published in:
Radio Bygones August/September 2007


Duxford Radio Society T1154/R1155
Simon VK2UA on T1154/R1155
VMARS technical handbook AP2548A for T1154/R1155

More on WWII receivers

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Updated November 15th 2012